Mask Washing Guidelines


  • You must wash your mask before first use
  • You must wash your mask after every use
  • Use gloves or clean/sanitised hands when handling
  • Store in a secure/ziplock bag until ready to wash
  • Hand wash
    • With soap/detergent
    • Hottest tap water (not too hot on clear panel)
    • Leave sit for 5 mins in detergent & water
    • Rinse off soap/detergent
  • Hang to dry
  • Wash your hands after touching/washing mask


  • Do not wear for longer than 3 hours at a time
  • Do not forget to wash your bare hands before and after touching your mask
  • Do not put hands to face during the washing and/or wearing of mask
  • Do not use these masks as a replacement for surgical or clinical masks
  • Do not share your mask with anyone
  • Do not put mask near heat or hot surfaces as it will damage the clear panel

CARE NOTE: In certain situations where there is a change in temperature you will find a build up of moisture on the clear panel of the mask – use a chamois cloth ideally an optical/screen cloth to clear and give the mask a moment to air.

Fabric & Sustainability

  • Fabric – We use 100% organic cotton in our Clear Failte Masks as we strive to create & design reusable and sustainable products.
  • Our face masks are reusable and therefore sustainable. There is a global shortage of medical grade masks and those masks should be held for frontline workers.
  • We recommend 5 masks per person
    – 2 with you during a working day ( change after 3 hours recommended )
    – 1 spare for emergency
    – 2 washed from previous day and ready to go

Tips & How to wear

  • It is recommended to wear the mask on bare skin (with nothing obstructing or getting between the mask and skin).
  • Handle the mask by the ear elastics at either side ensuring it is in line with your nose and chin, hook over one ear and then the other. If you need to adjust try to adjust from the sides or from the nose bridge or chin point (edge) rather than touching the general mass of the mask.
  • Once the mask is in place ensure you no longer touch your mask, if you do please ensure you wash your hands directly after this or use hand sanitizer.
  • When removing the mask and in order to avoid contamination on yourself or any other surface please ensure you wash your hands immediately.
  • Remove the mask by taking off the elastic behind the ear on one side and then the other, moving it cleanly away from the face, once removed place in a clean plastic bag and seal ready to wash or wash immediately.